Talent Search Seeking Lead Actor for Feature Film

cornerman auditions



A talent search has begun seeking a African-American male for lead acting role in the upcoming feature film currently titled Cornerman. The film stars Anthony Hopkins as legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato, as he mentors a young Mike Tyson who went on to becomes the  youngest boxing heavyweight champion of the world.  Rupert Friend will direct.

Casting directors are looking for an actor to play the a teenaged version of Mike Tyson. Please see breakdown below.

  • Male, African-American, age 16 to 25 to play American boxer, Mike Tyson in his teenaged years. MUST BE OVER 16. Large build and physically active (Mike was 200 pounds at age 13), MUST BE 5’9 OR TALLER. A young boxer from Brooklyn, he feels like a beast. He is intimidating, confident, and maybe dangerous, but still has vulnerability and youth. Mike will eventually become the youngest person to win the title of heavyweight champion of the world.

This talent search is currently being conducted online and auditions are via an email submission and video audition process. The casting directors have set-up a web page for actors interested in the role. The video audition page is requesting that actors download a short script, record a video of them performing the scene and then follow the on page instructions to submit their video audition to the casting team.

If interested in submitting for this role please head over to http://www.castittalent.com/cornerman


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