GAP Kids Casting Call 2016


Was your child born to be artistic? The GAP Kids casting call is back again for another round of cuteness for 2016.  The producers and casting directors for the world-famous brand are looking for the best, brightest kids with the most boisterous personalities to represent their beloved products.  Children ages 0 to 12 can be submitted today via photo which, upon approval, will be added to the contests official online casting gallery where people around the world will be able to vote for their favorites.

Please note:  Photos should be recent (within the last three months), feature your child only, and should not show any brands or logos. No masks, costumes, or makeup. Full-body color photos are strongly encouraged.  To apply for consideration for this amazing contest you can head to and upload a photo and/or video to the official website for voting qualification.  According to The GAP Kids audition site  “Pictures will be judged on (1) Personality of Child as expressed in the Photograph (34%); (2) Appearance of Child in the Photograph (33%); and (3) Individuality of the Child as expressed in the Photograph (33%).”

This community voting system will whittle down the approved photos to 40 finalists (10 from each category, each of which will receive Gap gift cards) which will then lead to the crowing of 16 lucky global grand prize winners who will be featured in the new campaign.  It’s time to share your child’s beautiful smile and even more beautiful personality with the world. Submit your little one today for the casting of the year for Gap Kids and Baby Gap.

*Submission deadline is 5/31/2016