Equity Actors Needed for ‘Gettin’ The Band Back Together’



Now seeking Equity actor/singers for various roles for the upcoming Broadway production lab of Gettin’ The Band Back Together.  Back in August of this year, it was announced that Broadway was setting the stage for the new musical. The story centers on Mitch Papadopolous, who always dreamed of stardom but opted instead for the security of a high-paying banker job. On his 40th birthday, he finds himself fired and moving back in with his mother in his New Jersey hometown, only to learn that his high school arch nemesis is threatening to foreclose on their family home. He then dusts off his guitar, gathers his old gang (the math teacher who isn’t good at math, the Irish cop who dreams about being on Broadway, the dermatologist who can’t get a date, and a 16-year-old Jewish rapper who makes Vanilla Ice look cool), and sets out to win the Battle of the Bands contest to save his home — and maybe even win back the high school sweetheart he left behind, proving it’s never too late to give your dreams one last shot.

Production (League) / Developmental Lab
For the 2-WK Reading: $500/wk
For the Dev Lab: $1000/wk
For Broadway: $1974/wk

Director: John Rando
Producers: Ken Davenport, Hunter Arnold, Roy Putrino
Music & Lyrics: Mark Allen
Book: Ken Davenport and The Grundleshotz
Additional Material: Sarah Saltzberg
Music Director: Sonny Palladino
GM: DTE Management / Ryan Conway
Casting: Eisenberg/Beans Casting / Daryl Eisenberg, CSA, Ally Beans, CSA

Actors will be considered for the Two-Week Staged Reading in December, the Developmental Lab production in April-May 2018 and the following Broadway Production beginning in June 2018.


(Male, 40) Mitchell “Mitch” Papadopolous is down on his luck, having recently been fired from his job on Wall Street on his birthday. He reluctantly descends upon his hometown in New Jersey and moves back in with his mother. He seeks redemption in the form of a Battle of the Bands vs. his nemesis, Tygen. The only kicker is that he has to reunite his high school band, Juggernaut. Voted the “Next Bon Jovi” in high school. Plays rhythm guitar for Juggernaut. Genuine, loyal, and a kick ass rock tenor.

(Female, 60s). Mitch’s mom. Gives piano lessons, but she’s no Mrs. Paroo. Proudly jogs around the town in her leotard, old age be damned. A bit of a matchmaker.

(Female, 36) Dani Franco is Mitch’s high school sweetheart. Works hard to keep her and her teenage daughter afloat. Realizes that as you get older, you make compromises.

(Male, 40) Bart Vickers is a math teacher by day and bass player for Juggernaut by night. He has an immature sense of humor and the hots for Sharon. Oh, and he’s terrible at math.

(Male, 40) Officer Michael “Sully” Sullivan is a cop, but he’s going to be taking his detective’s exam. After all, fourth time’s the charm. He plays the drums in Mitch’s band. Sully would never curse, attends church, and has season tickets to the Paper Mill Playhouse. Secretly, he wants to be an actor.

(Male, 40) Dr. Rummesh “Robbie” Patel is stuck working in his father’s dermatology practice, which has kept him from his dreams of being a pediatrician. Unlucky in love, Robbie has tried every dating site you can and can’t think of. In Mitch’s band, he plays keyboard. OF INDIAN DESCENT.

(Male, 40) Tygen is the kind of dude who eats whipped cream straight out of the can. While his outside looks forty, inside he has the maturity of a 12yr old. While he’s not playing guitar with his high school band, “Mouthfeel,” Tygen makes a living foreclosing homes. He owns seventeen businesses in downtown Sayreville and drives a Pontiac Solstice. Everyone, and I mean everyone, bows to Tygen Billows. And what kind of douchebag still plays with his high school garage band?

(Male, 40’s) Ritchie is a member of rival band “Mouthfeel.” He’s the Marcie to Tygen’s Peppermint Patty. His immature sense of humor is one of his defining traits. He’s also still in the band that he was in in high school, so make of that what you will.

(Male, 16) Ricky “Bling” Goldstein is a Jewish rapper, which I’m pretty sure is an oxymoron. He knows the hip lingo of the kids today, and says things like “YOLO” and “hashtag.” He has crazy guitar skills and a huge crush on Billie. He plays lead guitar in Juggernaut.

(Female, 16) Billie is Dani’s teenage daughter. She’s probably goth, but not saying so. Closeted classical music lover.

(Female, 20s-30s). Officer Roxanne Velasco. When she was in college, she had the biggest crush on the drummer from Matchbox Twenty. She even agreed to be in a “Girls Gone Wild” video for a backstage pass. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES, SHAPES, AND SIZES.

(Female, 32) Tawney Truebody just moved to town from Canada. Eh? Owns a chain of vegan frozen yogurt without the yogurt stores.


Time & Date:  Thursday November 9th 2017 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Where:   Ripley-Grier Studios (520)   520 8th Ave  10th floor, studio 10D
New York, NY 10018-6507


Please prepare a brief song of rock music. An accompanist will be provided. Bring a picture/resume, stapled together.



Source: Playbill




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