Casting Equity Singers for Broadway’s ‘A Bronx Tale’

A-Bronx-Tale The Musical


Now casting Equity Singers for the currently running Broadway production, A Bronx Tale.  Also seeking Equity singers for possible future replacements in the ensemble. ENSEMBLE is made up of all ages and types from the ‘neighborhood’; See breakdown below for more info.

Producers: Tommy Mottola and the Dodgers with Tribeca Productions
General Manager: Dodger Management Group
Music: Alan Menken
Book and Lyrics: Chazz Palminteri and Glenn Slater
Direction: Robert De Niro and Jerry Zaks
Choreography: Sergio Trujillo
Music Supervisor: Ron Melrose
Casting: Tara Rubin Casting



    (30s/40s/50s) 7 versatile men to play Sonny’s wise-guys as well as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood. Looking for unique, authentic characters with strong voices and comedic chops. At least 1 must be a true bass-baritone , 1 must be quite heavy-set, and 1 should be a Sinatra/Bennett/Martin/Darin “song stylist”. Must move well.
    (20s/30s) 4 guys; Calogero’s best friends. Also double as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood. EXCELLENT DANCERS and SINGERS (at least 1 must be a true bass-baritone; at least 1 must have a thrilling doo-wop falsetto; one must be a top-quality lead vocalist; and all four must be capable of performing tricky close-harmony arrangements).2 ENSEMBLE MEN:
    (20s/30s) African-American. Excellent singers; tenors (high C). Strong movers. Will also play featured ensemble parts ”Tyrone” – Jane’s brother – & his friend “Jesse”, age 17.

    (20s/30s) 3 Italian girls in Calogero’s neighborhood. Beautiful, funny, tough. EXCELLENT DANCERS and SINGERS.

    (20s/30s) African-American. Excellent singers/dancers – may understudy “Jane”. Will also play featured ensemble parts “Denise” & “Frieda” Jane’s friends, age 17

    Ensemble will also cover the following principal roles:

    (Adult actor 18+ to play 17) A young likeable Italian-American teenager. He steps in and out of narrating the show. Excellent singer (tenor or very high baritone, with a flair for 60s rock-and-roll) who moves well. Principal.

    (30s/40s) Italian. The number one man in the neighborhood. He’s the leader of the wise guys. Powerful and charismatic. Strong singer; full voice to G above middle C a plus, should be “at home” with stylings of Frank Sinatra / Tony Bennett / Dean Martin / Bobby Darin. Principal

    (30s/40s) Italian. Calogero’s father. Strong and sympathetic. He works as a bus driver. Excellent tenor or high baritone; ability to express honest emotion while singing more important than vocal fireworks. Principal.

    (child – must believably play 9 yrs. old) – Calogero’s younger self. Excellent singer who moves very well. Principal

    (30s/40s) Italian. Calogero’s mother. Sensible and beautiful. Strong singer, warm mezzo or alto voice preferred. Principal.

    (Adult actor 18+ to play 17) African-American. Calogero falls in love with her. Striking and smart. Excellent singer who moves well; should be completely “at home” as the lead singer of a girl group. Principal.


Time & Date:  Pearl Studios NYC (519)   519 8th Ave
12th Fl  New York, NY 10018

Where:  Monday November 6th 2017 beginning 10:00 AM for Male Singers  ~AND~   2:00 PM for Female Singers

MEN: The show’s music tends toward Doo-Wop – Please prepare a song in that style (ala The Wanderer, Who Wrote The Book of Love, Alley Oop) and bring your book of music.WOMEN: Please prepare a song in the style of The Ronnettes (ex. Mr. Postman)Please bring a picture and your resume, STAPLED TOGETHER.




Source: Playbill

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