Casting Call for Feature Film, The Last Full Measure

the last full measure casting call



A casting call has gone out seeking background talent for the upcoming political drama feature film, The Last Full Measure. Set to star are Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford,  Michael Imperioli, William Hurt, Diane Ladd and any more.  The story follows a Pentagon investigator who reluctantly teams with veterans of the 1966 Operation Abilene to convince Congress to award the Medal of Honor to a courageous Air Force medic, William Pitsenbarger, who is seen saving the lives of over 60 Marines ambushed in one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.  As the battle waged on, and after the last helicopter left, he continued to save lives until his own was sacrificed. Filming is taking place in Atlanta, GA and parts of Costa Rica.

The extras casting director is Atlanta has out a call seeking the following types to work on the film as paid background talent:

  • AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN –  They will be choosing one lucky woman, Age 45-60 years, to be Samuel L. Jackson’s character’s WIFE in the movie. This is featured, non-speaking, but some acting ability is requested. This woman can be pleasant looking or character. They are middle to lower class income bracket couple in the film. WORK DATES: TUESDAY 4/4 and WEDNESDAY 4/5. Email subject line: WIFE
  • AFRICAN-AMERICAN KIDS – They will be choosing 2 KIDS- 1 boy/ 1 girl, 2 boys or 2 girls, Ages 7 to 9 ONLY, to be the friends of Samuel L. Jackson’s character’s grandson character in the movie. It’s a small scene, with the kids playing in the close background right before Sam’s character addresses his grandson. Sibling sets or cousin sets in this age range are encourage to submit (together in one email). Please send photos in a neutral play clothes. 1 Photo with a smile and 1 photo without in your submission. WORK DATE: TUESDAY 4/4. Email subject line: KIDS PLAYING
  • CHARACTER and BLUE COLLAR MEN (and a few women) PATRONS  – Caucasian only please. Ages 21-90.  This is to be patrons in a local 1960‘s Pub “watering hole” with CHARACTERS- Bikers, truckers, blue collar workers, rough types, etc… There will be SMOKING in the scene, and it is not a huge group of extras…a good one!!  This bar will mostly have MEN, however we WILL accept a few submissions from women to be a few girlfriends and wife types for the male Bikers, Blue Collar, Trucker types, etc… any women that submit should either be very attractive or haggard 😉 (no housewives or soccer moms please ;-). Photos with NO smile are preferred, unless you have imperfect teeth. Email subject line: PUB

  • MILITARY TYPESFor the amazing Metal of Honor ceremony scene, we will need the following types. Military types (must have the appropriate hair or willing to cut) to be in uniform for the ceremony, and the Veterans are attending the ceremony in civilian clothes, dressed nicely for the event. ALL ETHNICITIES, AGES 21-50,  ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. VETERAN TYPES, AGES 55-70, are also being encouraged to apply to be part of this scene. Works the following dates: FRI 4/7 and SAT 4/8 – BOTH DAYS. Email subject line: MILITARY (if you are current or former military- NOTE the hair requirement) or  VETERAN (list if you are a real veteran please, and list which war(s) you served in).
  • PEOPLE with CARS, TRUCKS, SUVs from years 1985 to 2000 – People with cars Years 1985 to 2000, in driving condition. Ages 18 and over. ANY ETHNICITY (people will work on camera as well as their cars, so include YOUR photo too!! NO red, white or custom color cars. Please include year, make and model and photo in your email submission.  Works the following dates: FRI 3/31, MON 4/3, plus other dates to be determined. Email subject line: OLDER CAR.

If you fit any of the above descriptions and would like to work on this film please submit 3 or 4 photos of yourself (ALL PHOTOS should be CURRENT photos and CLEAR (in focus, not blurry) taken in a neutral background in good light. NON-SMILING options as well as SMILING option photos. 1 from the chest up. 1 full length and a 3rd or 4th photo, if possible, of you dressed “looking the part” for what you are submitting for. Include YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, CITY & STATE YOU RESIDE, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT AND CLOTHING SIZES and resume or acting or set experience if you have it to:

**Please note, the extras they hire, must be local and/or able to work/stay in the Greater Atlanta as a local hire (on their own).  They ARE, however, open to submissions from distant places, for consideration, especially in the event that you are an outstanding type that they really need.



Source: Tammy Smith Casting