Casting Call for Feature Film The Darkest Minds

the darkest mind casting call



Production is set to begin shortly on the upcoming film adaption of the dystopian trilogy book The Darkest Minds. The series follows Ruby Daly, a 16-year-old girl who escapes her camp and joins up with a rag-tag group of fellow camp escapees on the run from the government after a disease called IAAN, kills 98% of America’s children with the surviving 2% developing superpowers and are placed in rehabilitation camp.  Chad Hodge has written the script and Jennifer Yuh Nelson is signed on to direct, with Amandla Stenberg starring as Ruby. Filming will take place in and around the Atlanta GA area.

A casting call has gone out seeking the following: 

  • 18 YEAR OLD – Seeking a thin-framed 18 year old. Wide rage of ethnicities needed. Rate 64/8. Works April 6th.
  • NATIONAL GUARDSeeking Fit Military type to portray National Guard. Need to be clean shaven and have a shorter Military style haircut or be willing to cut it. Rate 64/8. Works April 10th. Please put NATIONAL GUARD in email subject line.
  • PARENTS – Ages 25 thru 50. Any ethnicity. Rate 64/8. Works April 6th. Please put PARENT TRAP in email subject line.
  • HUNTERS – Seeking Experienced Hunters, Ages 16-21. Seeking those that are kids that have experience with guns/rifles. Works Multiple days through May. Email subject line: HUNTERS
  • STAND-INS 1) RUBY – Light Skinned African American Girl, 5’3″ Thin-framed. Email subject line: RUBY SI.     2) ZU – Asian or Caucasian (with dark hair), 4’7″ Thin-framed.  Email subject: ZU SI.     3) CHUBBS – African American Male,  6′ – Thin Framed. Email subject: CHUBBS SI.    4) LIAM – 6’1″ Caucasian Male  – Thin framed, Brown hair. Email subject line: LIAM SI   —  Experience is Preferred – Please list in body of email.  Stand-ins must have open/full availability starting from April 3rd – June 9th
    Shooting Monday through Friday.
  • SOLDIERS – Seeking Men and Women with military or police experience. Men 5’10” or taller. Women 5’6″ or taller. Rate 64/8. Shoot Dates April 3rd – first week of June. Email subject: DM Soldier        
  • KIDS – Boys and Girls, Ages 6-19 yrs, any ethnicity. Rate 64/8.  Shoot Dates April 3rd – first week of June. Location: In and around Atlanta area. Email subject line: DM Kids
  • SKINNY KIDSLooking for kids ages 6 -19 that have very thin framed bodies. Any Ethnicity. Dates: Shoot Dates April 3rd – first week of June. Email subject: Skinny Kids

If you fit the description then please email  Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) contact information, height, weight and sizes, experience if you have it and the appropriate email subject title.



Source:  Rose Locke Casting